How to parse a RFC 822 date in french locale?


I want to handle the Rss feed from our corporate website :

The date in RSS feed is formatted regarding RFC 822.
Our website is in French. So the date is in RFC 822, french locale.

I try to configure the Date & TIme node.

It’s working for a part of the dates but not all.

How can I handle all the dates ?

Thank you,

Hey @JulienDelRio, in general, Luxon should be able to handle RFC2822/RFC822 dates, but it seems to struggle with the format used by this particular feed. I am not entirely sure if French names for dates and months are in line with the specs tbh.

The feed seems to return an isoDate field for almost all items though:

Could it perhaps be easier for you to use this field?

I saw this field but it’s not working on each line as you can see.

That’s why I try another solution.

Hi Julien,
I tried using the isoDate from your rss feed. The problem is only 29 of 51 items seem to have the isoDate field (see screenshot). For the remaining 29 the date formatting is working. It would be better if you work with iso dates, i.e. if your rss feed would return it properly.

Here is my workflow.

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Sorry for the delay.

It appears to work.

Thank you