How to produce images with Dalle in batches?

Problem: edit image node is only processing one item.

Thanks for your help!

Hey @ManyQuestions,

It looks like the problem is with the loop, While the looping has finished it doesn’t give you all the items so you would need to use a code node to merge all the executions or you can update n8n and use the newer split in batches node and have something like this…

This will then run the edit image on the 3 images that are returned (the 4th one is empty as continue on error is set).


Thx once more Jon. N8n is something, i am going to support more, as son as i can.


Hi again Jon. I relazed later on, that the workflow quiet often doesn’t finish. Althought the execution page says it finished successful, the workflow never did. What could it be? See:

Hey @ManyQuestions,

What does the If node show for the input and output?

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@Jon that is the input of the if node:

The input looks good, What does the output look like? Are they all under the false column?

Never came back. Threat solved from my side. Thx

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