How to read lead change and created in salesforce

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Does n8n support real time read salesforce Object change ?
trying to achieve following scenario through n8n workflow
I have 3 salesforce instance such as
1. Salesforce org 1 instance
2. Salesforce org 2 instance
3. Salesforce org 3 instance

n8n workflow should trigger as soon as lead is either created or updated in Salesforce org 1 instance and then based on certain flag in Lead ,flow should create/update lead in Salesforce org 2 instance and Salesforce org 3 instance .
Creating lead in Salesforce org 2 instance and Salesforce org 3 instance is not an issue.

Real issue here how can I trigger workflow when Lead is created or updated in Salesforce org 1 instance.
Cron or scheduler’s will not work to read real time lead change
is creating webhook and trigger it from salesforce by passing additional field such as action (created/update/delete) and Lead Id will work?

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Sadly we do not have a Salesforce trigger yet. It can be done using the cron job and the Salesforce node with filters, but pull that off if you need some experience with n8n.

You can create a feature request for Salesforce Trigger. When you do so, please make sure you upvote it.

I am very much new to n8n infra and development and hence would you mind in sharing some detail on how/where to create request and upvote.

What If I create webhook as an entry point for starting web flow in n8n by passing lead Id and share URL with salesforce development team to hit URL (using http client call in salesforce -custom development) every time they make change to Lead in salesforce.
Will that work ?

Hi @jay.singh, as for the cron approach you might want to take a look at this blog post:

This would explain the basic concept of polling (for Google Sheets in this case, but can be transferred to other services too).

If you (or your development team) can trigger webhooks/http requests from Salesforce, you can indeed use n8n’s webhook node to send data from Salesforce to n8n. The webhook node is rather flexible, so you can configure for example any HTTP method needed by your development team. When using the webhook node, keep in mind there are two different URLs (test and production). The difference is explained here in the docs.

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