How to receive an incoming message to webhook whatsapp business app

Hi, i’m still a beginner in n8n, i have an issue when I want to make webhook whatsapp api

I have successfully registered my n8n webhook on whatsapp cloud api, and already get response

This is My workflow

when I try to send a message to the number on the meta server, I don’t get any incoming messages yet. what do i need to add in the workflow?

thank you

Hi @Rukhan, welcome to the community!

I am not sure I fully understand the problem. Are you not receiving the webhook coming from WhatsApp? This might be because your webhook is configured to wait for a GET request, but from looking at Get Started - WhatsApp Business Platform Cloud API (, it seems Facebook/WhatsApp would send a POST request instead. So in a first step you’d probably need to switch the HTTP Method on your n8n Webhook node:


thanks for the fast reply

I have previously followed your instructions in the following link. you are so cool.

get method on whatsapp webhook is used to register(subscribe) the first time. afterwards maybe use the post method to get the incoming messages. I will try again

Ah, it might be that Facebook/WhatsApp requires both methods. In this case you’d need two webhook nodes in n8n, one for GET and one for POST. Make sure both use the same path and don’t forget to manually execute your workflow when using the test URL.

Dear Rukhan

To send a message from WhatsApp Cloud API ( Outgoing Message from META Server to any of the recipient mobile no ) correct me if i am wrong

You need to follow a few steps

  1. If your Facebook Business manager Verified
  2. Have you added your WhatsApp number to Facebook business manager ( and is this number verified and approved by Facebook )
  3. Is your template approved by META ( Facebook / Whatsapp ) from facebook Business manager

if your above three points are correct then i can send you the script ( node ) just replace the credentials and other parameters

Hope this will resolve your issue else just reply me for further updates

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Glad you @chandan988 participated in this discussion :grinning:.

I’ve done all the processes you mentioned above. I have also managed to send messages via n8n by http request. Verified the webhook and subscribed too.

I haven’t been able to get messages from the Meta server. not like when i registered the webhook via pabbl*y. I immediately got a response from the server. maybe this can be a feature requests n8n “webhook trigger for whatsapp”.

Thank You

see pabbly has already the node ( encryption and decryption ) already done in that so it works perfectly in pabbly.

For N8N need a developer who can do this encryption and decryption, Let me check if our developer can do then i will update you soon

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in which version of n8n node of whatsapp is available desktop or web version and which version number

Thank you for the support
as suggested by @MutedJam I created 2 webhooks, one get and two posts and I tried to send a Test message first through the meta server, then my webhook can run.


Does this work also for messages inside a group ? My goal is to add my business number to a group and get all the messages posted in that group

@chandan988 The above steps configured correctly in my case, and I am able to send message , template message everything from http call but when it comes to whatsapp node its not coming in the suggestion. see the attachment.

If anyone is searching for how to verify and save a whatsapp webhook callback URL, I created this workflow template that worked for me.


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