How to remove [Object from variable Selector

I was wondering how I can remove the [Object: ] from variable Selector.

desired result:


  • “call”:“ChangeClient”,*
  • “app_key”:123,*
  • “app_secret”:“98789879789879”,*
  • “param”:[*
  •  {*
  •     "code_cliente_i":123654,*
  •     "fullcode":1570215561976*
  •  }*
  • ]*

Hey @tuliovargas,

Quickest thing I can think of is to use {{JSON.stringify($node["Function"].json)}}

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Do you know another way without using “json.stringify”?

The “Object” it’s not sent. It’s the expression editor showing you what the expression resolves to.

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That is a very good and important point.

I also can’t think of another alternative that doesn’t involve having to write some crazy function.