How to run sub-workflows inside normal workflows?

I have quiet, large workflows, which are also changing quite often. Therefore, it’s really hard to update them, if I do not have standardise subsections.

I hope the example makes it more clearly come out what I need to achieve.

Please heeeeelp!

Hi @ManyQuestions !

You can use the execute workflow node to use another outside workflow within your main workflow. You can check out our docs on that here.

n8n is designed to execute nodes in a workflow in a sequence - I’m not too sure why you’d need to call the same workflow twice, but you can just add another execute workflow node referencing the same workflow to do so.


For example, i have trouble executing OpenAI twice without pause, so something like this comes in handy. BUT it is also about convenience. As i said, i have workflows, where i am triggering 40 openAI knots and my workflows evolve very often. So changing sub-workflows would be quiet convenient - although, using external ones will do the trick as well.

Sub-workflows would be better for overview though…

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