How to search in by column? (Monday and Aircall)

Hello !

I just got my account yesterday and I am freshly new to n8n. I am used to but due to their pricing and reactivity since Integromat died, I had to come here.

I would love to know if anyone has any ideas around the following setup:
We are using and Aircall
I need to create a bot that is capable of searching the lead in our CRM by the phone number ( which we get with a call.created or call.ended / call.hungup ). We have phone number columns on every single board on our CRM. Also, they are e164 format.
So, I need two things:
-A way to parse to e164.
-A way to search by column and not by ID.

Any ideas? I am still trying to read everything and watch videos but I have to change our system until the end of this month…
Thank you all !

Hey @HBS_France,

Welcome to the community :raised_hands:

In the board do you not use the same column name for contact number? I have not used but does something like the below not do the job?

In theory that will search a specified column for a value, The only tricky bit from there would be are you storing the 164 number or a different format?

Hello Jon !

Thank you for the warm welcoming !

So, I need to Get it

And then with the column ID it is going to find it?
But what if I have a lot of boards with different IDs for the Telephone column? Do I need to do it board by board?

Thank you !

Hey @HBS_France,

Yeah if you have multiple boards you would need to have multiple nodes to cover each one, I am not sure if the api has a generic option to make it easier. What did the same process look like in Make? It could be that the HTTP Request node has to be used with the API “manually” to work it out.

Hey Jon !

In Make, it went board by board.

However, how can I proceed from here. I am honestly so not used to this. Where do I put the column, how do I treat the Get data… Sorry for all of this, I am really lost and n8n is so different from everything I’ve ever used.

Greetings !

Hey @HBS_France,

Try using Board Item as the Resource that seems to be where all the good stuff is.

Het Jon !

Thank you so much for the answers and sorry once again for all the non-stop questions.

Here is where my problem begins with Board Items:

Hey @HBS_France,

Swap the Operation to “Get By Column Value”

Oh my… I found it… Thank you so much !

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No problem at all, It was my first time looking at the Monday node there is a lot in there.

No I have another question (sorry, you’ll get tired of me in the end).
I have a column where I need the bot to get the value and add +1 everytime. (n+1)
Is there a specific formula for such a simple operation? Like a parse(columnID)+1 ?

You could try and expression and do something like {{parseInt($json["variable_name"])++}}

Thank you !

And the very last question that I have:
How do I search by the telephone? Should I wait for the webhook to activate or should I get something specific from Aircall’s API in order to get the phone number?

Hey @HBS_France,

I guess that depends on how Aircall works, From your original post it sounds like Aircall might support webhooks on call events so I would start with a webhook node which will trigger the event and in Aircall tell it to use the URL for your n8n webhook and that should deliver the number.