How to Send Multiple Emails Depending on data

Hi , I want to send multiple emails depending on the data received from the previous node .
for exapmple :->
if data1 = {email: “[email protected]”, subject: “subject1”}, data2 = {email: “[email protected]”, subject: "subject1} , data3 , data 4 …data n
i want to send multiple email depending on data length.

Hi! It would work exactly the same like described here for the HTTP Request Node:

Why does function item makes every json response in array . the response from api is coming like [{“a”: 1}, {“a”: 2}] but the functionItem makes it [[{“a”: 1},{“a”: 2}]] and because of that i am not able to have multiple email feature.

You should then probably use the Function-Node instead. You can find the documentation about it here:

It will then be very easily possible to return the data in a way you want it to be returned.

Yes , I got it thanks . It works .

Ah great to hear! Have fun!