How to send output one Message form multi item?

Message out by order item
I went it send only one time.

Hi @Panupol_Sonnuam, there’s a bunch of options here. The easiest way of converting multiple items into a single item would be the use of the Item Lists node with the “Concatenate Items” option:

When executing, this node receives multiple items but only returns a single item:


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How to run output using an array or loop or something?

You actually have an array coming from the Item Lists node. The field is simply called data, so your expression referencing other fields would no longer work. Instead you’d have to use {{ $ }} to reference it.

I went output like this
can you help me Thank You!

Using an expression such as {{ $[0]["Name"]}} {{ $[0]["Now"]}}/{{ $[0]["Totol"]}} {{ $[0]["Status"]}} you’d only output fields from the first element in your data array.

From your question it does, however, sound like you want details from all items in a very specific format. Unfortunately I couldn’t find an example for the exact data structure you want to have in the end and you didn’t provide an actual example data set I can work with.

So this is a bit of guess work here and I had to try and type the field names from your screenshot. But I think a custom transformation like below would do the job:

This will give you a message field with multiple lines in the format from your screenshot:

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Thank You I solved it my way. by JavaScript

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