How to send PIPEDRIVE data to a MYSQL database

My apologies, I’ve just realised that you try to update the data.
I don’t bother for the extracts that I do as the SendInBlue webservice results is always the latest version of the truth.

You could do something very similar as per @FelixL suggested ?:

Compare the pipedrive data with the data from your existing data using the database select and then update the differences.

However, I checked the n8n documentation.

I can see there is a pipedrive update trigger

You could perhaps use that as you will know that these are definitely records that have changed.
That way, you wouldn’t need to do any comparisons. Just update the records that have changed.

i.e. pipedrive trigger-> update mysql for changes.

A lot of the time it’s trial and error to see what works for you.

I followed all the n8n tutorials before trying to anything useful for the tasks I need to do:

Good luck

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