How to separated entries comming from a form submission?

Hello to everyone!

I’m trying to separate the values coming from a webhook (form submission) into fields to export to sheets and other apps.

But the data comes all in an entry inside the query.
How can I propper separate it into fields?

I saw another post saying about split function, but I think it didn’t apply to my case.

I now that the data coming as mf-nome will be the name, and the mf-telephone will be a phone number… but how to separate it into columns?

Hi @suardim

Could you provide the data?
It of course depends on what is coming in.


That’s the query:

The item lists node should do what you need I think.

Uhh no scratch that should have looked properly. Will give you an example this afternoon.


There is a few examples on the forum. This is one of them. the important bit is the Object.keys() function you can use this in the code node.

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Thank you @BramKn .
How can I use the entry data that I have in the code?

yes, something like: Object.keys(query.entries)

My code skills are not developed yet :sweat_smile:
Is there another way to do that? Or can anyone show the way to do it with coding?


Did find a simple way to do that researching trough the forum using the function JSON PARSE.

Utilizing a SET node with a value of {{ JSON.parse($json[“query”][“entries”])}}


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