How to set Telegram Text Message to Group?

Hi, i tried to send message using the Telegram app. But seem i cannot receive any message in the Private Group. I tested using API URL, it is working. Please help me which part i did wrong.

Hi @jerryyong, I am sorry to hear you’re having trouble.

I just gave this a go on my end and sending a test message to a group seems to work as expected. n8n node:

Telegram result:

Did you perhaps forget to add your bot to the Telegram group in question?

hmm… weird. i did as you. But i can’t send message to the group. My group is private group.

I tested using API and it is work. But when i use the app, it just fail.

Hm, is there a chance you can test this with a more recent version of n8n? From your screenshot it seems your version could be quite old.

If it still fails with the current version of n8n, could you share your workflow as well as the JSON data you are passing on to you Telegram node?

sorry to update so late. I tried to create another flow. it works well as what you share. thank you so much!