How to setup Trello credentials?

I want to implement simple trello workflow. In which I’d like to fetch information of a board and send it further along to other node.

But I am unable to set up credentials for the trello.

I went to as per Trello’s doc to get a token.
took this token under OAuth and added it in n8n instance like following

What about those two Question marked item. How do I get those?

I believe there should be a help page for each node and credentials on how to use them. I am happy to add it and make an PR on docs repo if someone can add a link to that on credentials popup and on node edit popup.

The key can be found on the top of the same page. For reference here the link:

There is also a link to create a token directly underneath it.

Yes, I totally agree there should be a help page. I wanted to do it for a long time but sadly never got to it. So any help there would be really appreciated! You can simply create a new page here:

I can then take care of linking it in the menu and later also in the nodes itself. Thanks!

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Thanks !! Will do once I am done with current task on hand.

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