How to share workflow with the n8n community without sharing credentials?

I want to share my workflow with the n8n community, but I’m unsure how to handle credentials.

Is it a way to hide the credentials automatically?

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Credentials do get “hidden” automatically when a workflow is shared. But for that, you actually have to set the credentials as credentials inside of n8n. In your case, instead of setting them directly on the HTTP Request node on the header, you would create “Header Auth” credentials and define the key and value there.

That is not just important for the sharing case, but also generally for security. Because only if set as credentials, will they get encrypted before being saved in the database.


All right, thank you @jan

Hello jan !
I’ve made the change thanks.
A propos, I wanted to upload my worfklows online for other community members but the link seems to be broken:

When I’m following the link it land in page not found:

Any other link to share?


Hi @fischera, I am so sorry for this. Can you confirm on which page exactly you are seeing this link so we can get this fixed?

The correct one should be which you should take you to the dashboard shown here.

Servus @MutedJam - It’s working. I was just mistaken because I was using instead of
I’ve set up the account and this is woking now

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Awesome, glad to hear it’s working! Thank you so much for sharing your workflow template :slight_smile:

You are welcome @Muted Jam - I hope this help to get a bigger community !

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