How to store data as global variable?


I’m using the n8n on my own server,

I’d like to store my data as a global variable to use in another flow. Like datastore in

My example goes like this;

I have a variableX coming from gsheets in the first flow and

I need to use that variableX when the second flow is triggered.

Is there any feature like this?

Thank you!

n8n Version 0.220.1

Hi @onurbolaca, I am afraid n8n does not offer a truly global data store you could write to from your workflows. We do have variables, but these aren’t meant to be updated from within your workflow.

So you’d typically want to use an external storage option here, like a database which allows writing and reading from any workflow.

If both triggers live in the same workflow you could alternatively consider using static data as described here in our docs. This is somewhat tricky though, because it requires code and won’t work for manual executions.


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