How to String to Url in HTML

Hi my dear friends;

Sorry, this might be a trivial question, but because I’m still a beginner and have tried several methods but failed, I created this topic.

I use an HTML Node that return bad output. The output should be a URL like this
but the result is empty or no disply url.

Here is the code I used <img src="" {{$json.image_id}} "?access_token=Vss4bpPXOhrlsssB6G8bxxxxF_s" alt="image detail" class="profile-photo">

I want to make the image_id ({{$json.image_id}}) URL dynamic. how to combine strings into urls in HTML nodes?

hi @Rukhan

If you are talking about ‘Generate HTML’ method of the HTML node, then there is too many quotes. Try this:

<img src="{{ $json.image_id }}?access_token=Vss4bpPXOhrlsssB6G8bxxxxF_s" alt="image detail" class="profile-photo">


Wonderful, thank you,it work. you save my time :grinning:

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