How to style Google Sheets cells

Hi, i want to apply a background color when the node inserts a new cell. I want to do it on the n8n side because the colors could be different depending of a certain condition.

I found this: עיצוב מותנה  |  Google Sheets  |  Google Developers

But I don’t see an option on Google Sheet node.

Hi @lpadula, applying formatting isn’t supported by the Google Sheets node I am afraid.

So if you want to apply formatting through n8n, you’d have to use HTTP Request node to directly send the required API request.

Your scenario (appending new data to a sheet, then formatting it) could look like below.



You’d to update the spreadsheet ID on your end (in the Google Sheets and HTTP Request nodes) to test this.


Now when a new row is added, it gets the background colour defined in the HTTP Request body:

While this works, I’d very much suggest to define any formatting directly in the Google Sheet itself as these API requests can get very comprehensive and hard to read.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Hi, thank you for the detailed response!

I think that it will be a good improvement for the Google Sheet node but this solution works great!

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