How to sum up the data by using set node from google sheet

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Hi, All. I would like to ask how to sum up the data by using set node instead of function node?

Hey @Edwin_Wong,

Does it have to be a set node? The Item Lists node has a sum feature in it which could do this, You can find an example worklfow below which might help you get started.

Hi, @Jon.

Thanks for your replying. How about it must be set node?
Actually I need it to be calculated by a time range ( which monthly according the date)

It will be like this… Eg: I need whole month for July only, but I got whole data for a year.

Hey @Edwin_Wong,

A node will handle each item one at a time and can’t really handle complex javascript in an expression so you would need either the item lists node or the code node. Because there is now added complexity with the data range as well you would also need to look at using filter nodes before it to capture the range you want.

Hi @Jon

Thanks for your suggestion.

By the way, just informed you that your suggestion works perfectly. Appreciate it!

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