How to toggle activation workflow by telegram message?

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I have workflow with workflow with starts from Schedule Trigger, but I wanna to activate or deactivate that workflow by send command line message like /toggle_workflow, and at return message return current status, like workflow is Active or Inactive.

How I understand for that, I need different workflow where I need n8n node for where I may activate or deactivate workflow, I’m right ?

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  • n8n version: 0.210.2
  • Database you’re using (default: SQLite):
  • Running n8n with the execution process [own(default), main]:
  • Running n8n via [Docker, npm,, desktop app]: Docker

Hey @droppe,

Quickest thing I can think of would be to use the n8n node to activate / deactivate based on the ID, So your telegram workflow would look for /toggle_workflow {id} then it would take the ID and use that in the node…

While typing this out I thought I would make an example and it didn’t take as long as I expected, This workflow will wait for /toggle-workflow and check if the user is correct as a basic form of protection then extracts the ID and uses the n8n node to toggle the workflow.

Update the username in the first If node and as a basic concept this should do the job.


Wow, its so elegant way to configurate and do that !
Thanks, I think its was be longer to thinking by myself how to realize that without help :slight_smile:


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