How to trigger a sms/email when any gsheet row is updated

Hi, everyone,
I am currently fetching data from webhook and data is being published to google sheet.

my google sheet get updated based on data from webhook

example:- someone order something at a website, his details like id, name, mobile number, order value, and “order status(pending)” is updated to google sheet.

now once the website changes order status(accepted/done) at their backend, webhook is called to get the latest order status, updates the row in google sheet based on id.

I want to trigger an email when the order status is updated in google sheet row.

I have tried using the lookup option but either it fetches a certain row or all data based on the column.

Google sheet:

my n8n setup

n8n Desktop app

Very sorry, sadly do not understand what problem is which you are having.

For me, it sounds like what you want and need is to get a certain row, the order, based on the column “id”.

Hi Jan,

I want to send email or sms to user, when “column”status” value get changed to “accepted” or “done”

This google sheet is is being added with new row containing order information when, a new order is placed in website by any customer, and when new row is added i trigger an email to that customer about order details

now if that same order status is changed by website owner, it again update that status in the same row in google sheet based on “id”

now how to find those row which status recently got changed, since i have to trigger email again to customer about their order status

Hi @mohitsahu, if you want to monitor changes to each row, you’d need to store the previous state of the row (or the relevant cells) somewhere and then compare regularly, whether any changes have happened. You would essentially need to implement polling similar to what is described here: Creating triggers for n8n workflows using polling ⏲

Hope this helps getting started :slight_smile: