How to unset a field in JIRA Software node?

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I want to remove the assignee field or value when there is undefined in the following node :

Currently I’m getting

NodeOperationError: ERROR: Assignee parameter's value is invalid. Please enter a valid ID.

Hey @QuantumSheep,

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Best option there would be 2 nodes one with assignee and one without then use an if node to work out which one needs to be used. It could be that the jira api allows a value to be set with something like undefined or null but I suspect you have tried that already so I would take the 2 node approach.

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Hey, thanks for you answer!

Yes I’ve tried undefined and null without success :frowning: I guess the only presence of assignee makes the Jira API to check validity for this field.

I implemented a fix for this issue.

The PR looks ok and if I am reading it right if a non required field has no value set it won’t send it, In theory that is good but I think that might actually break some functionality. As it is a core change though it will need to go to a different team to review so for now the best solution is still going to be using 2 nodes :slight_smile:

My thought on this which I was writing up as a feature request was to have a property for fields that can be set to only be sent if not empty or if an expression validates this would open a lot more doors for other things.

We could add an optional field instead of using required === false to mitigate any breaking changes.

There is a hacky workaround for this. Using the custom fields option you can enter any standard field name like summary, assignee, reporter. Then just use an expression {{ null }} for the value.

I get the following error:

ERROR: Bad request - please check your parameters
400 - {"errorMessages":[],"errors":{"assignee":"data was not an object"}}

Can you post a screenshot of your config? Or the workflow JSON

(Same result with {{ $json.assignee?.jira_name ?? null }})

EDIT: simplify the expressions

Took me a while to circle back to this one.

That’s close, but won’t provide the correct object if you’re assigning and not unassigning.

See this workflow as an example, it will swap the assignee and reporter whether they’re null or assigned.

The key is creating the object:
assignee customer field: {{ { name: $json.Reporter?.name ?? null } }}
reporter customer field: {{ { name: $json.Assignee?.name ?? null } }}