How to update workflow by node n8n

I’m passing a valid workflow json and it’s giving me this error, how can I update a workflow through node n8n

Hey @Ruan17,

Can you share the json you are posting?

here the link to access the json

I wonder if the settings are the issue, If you remove the settings does it work?

I also removed it, could it be that it is a BUG?

Maybe, although I used it last week with no issue. I will give your workflow a go in the morning.

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sure I’m waiting

hello @Jon
did you manage to test?

Hey @Ruan17,

I forgot to reply to this one, So if I take your example and clear the settings it does update as expected. When you removed the settings how did you do it?

can you send the json like you did? for me to try to replicate

Hey @Ruan17,

It is the JSON you provided with the settings replaced with an empty object, Quickest way to do that is replace the settings section with just…

"settings": {},

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