How to use Calendly Trigger and Webhook node in the same workflow in n8n?

Hi everyone, how are you?

I’m using Calendly Trigger in a stream on n8n to send appointment confirmation messages.

However, I would like to include in these messages information obtained from another API. For that I would need to include a Webhook in this flow to send the information from this API.

As far as I know it is not possible to have 2 triggers on the same stream on n8n, right?! Is there any alternative to this?!

Thank you all and i’m sorry for the writing mistakes, I’m Brazilian

Hi @rfdepauli

A trigger node would be the trigger for the workflow to start, so of course you can only have one being used at the same time. If you have multiple that can work but it will only trigger with one of them.
You can simply use an HTTP request node to retrieve the data you need.

Or if you need to actually retrieve that data with a webhook sent from somewhere, you would need to have a seperate workflow that receives those webhooks and save the data into a tool like baserow, to be used with your main workflow that retrieves calendly triggers.

Hope this helps.


Depending on which call happens first. If the Calendly call happens always first you could use the Wait-Node.
So Calendly Trigger would start the workflow, and it would then continue once the special URL of the Wait-Node got called.


Thank you so much for the guidance, BramKnGenericName! I made the call via HTTP and it worked perfectly! Thank you very much!