How to use data from previous node?

I know I’m missing a big part of n8n usage :frowning: But how do I access data from the previous node?

Specifically, I have this workflow: Stripe Webhook Trigger → MongoDB Node (still WIP, not released, but situation applies to other nodes)

Now the webhook has info about the user that made the payment and I need that to find and update a document in the DB. I’m sure this is trivial in n8n, but probably not well documented in the UI

Just to be sure that I understand you correctly. You want to access the data of the previous node. So the node which is directly connected to the one you want to use the data on?

Do you need that data as input data or as a value on a parameter?

Yes, you understood correctly. I need that data as a value on a parameter.

Ah, in that case, you can simply press the “cogs” item right next to it and press “Add Expression”. There you can then select the data you want.

You can find an example here:

Thank you Jan! Ahhh I was sure it was that easy! :smiley:

I already tried to do the same, but I only see the node parameters and not the input data… I’ll try again

Ah yes, the “Input Data” is only available when you executed the nodes. So maybe best to watch the video from the beginning.