How to use Google library in n8n

Hi Team,

Anyone can help, how to use google library in function node or any way.
I am running n8n using docker.
included this variable,
-e NODE_FUNCTION_ALLOW_BUILTIN="*" -e NODE_FUNCTION_ALLOW_EXTERNAL="axios,moment,uuid,@google-cloud/bigtable"

facing below error,
ERROR: Cannot find module ‘@google-cloud/bigtable’ [Line 377]


Hi @rajesh-kumar, as with your previous questions around external modules, the npm package @google-cloud/bigtable is not part of n8n. So before you can use it, you’d first need to install it.

The exact steps will depend on how you have deployed n8n as per this thread:

Ok @MutedJam,

Let’s check.


No worries at all. Personally, I avoid installing external packages as this usually increases the maintenance effort. You might want to consider calling REST APIs directly through the HTTP Request node where possible. For a few pointers as to how to authenticate with Google’s REST APIs in n8n you could check this thread: