How to use Merge - Append properly?

What am I doing wrong? The node doesn’t work how I thought it should, the workflow doesn’t merge:


Information on your n8n setup

  • 1.2.2
  • Running n8n via Docker

It’s a bit hard to judge based solely from the screenshot. Append mode just puts items from both inputs together, one after another. You can refer to this tutorial on Merge node that I made some time ago. It was recorded on an older version of n8n, but the main principle of the append mode is the same.

Could you please share a bit more details: which incoming data do you have and what output do you expect to see?

Hi Ed,
thanks for your answer and please excuse my poor explanation. I can’t share the workflow because it contains sensitive data. After the last merge, I have a http-request-node. It runs 4 times.
I only want it to run once.

How about adding Item Lists node with a Limit operation? This way you can get just the first item after all Merge nodes and make an HTTP Request.

The question is, however, if your HTTP Requests are the same or not. If yes, then this “hack” will work. Otherwise I’d suggest reviewing the merge process, maybe another operation will produce better results (i.e. multiplex or merge by position)

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