How to use output of multi-column node

I have the output of TheHive node like this:

But when I’m trying to use the output of the node, I can only access the first column:

How can I access the second/third output?

The variable selector (your second image) by default shows the columns and the first piece of data in each column - by selecting a column, you are selecting every value at that column. Remember that an n8n node normally executes as many times as the number of input items it receives.

understood, could i get some example to fix it?

In the variable selector, clicking on any of the properties in your second image (_id, _type, etc.) will set an expression referencing the value of that property for all five items. The value in your second image (122986592, Observable, etc.) is shown for the first item for reference only - by selecting the property, you will be accessing all the values of the property across your five items.


wow, thx a lot :slight_smile: