How to use redis node to connect to external Redis cluster

I want to make a connection to Redis cluster using Redis node. When I provided a host, port and Key pattern - using asterisk (*), I received data only from the first cluster node.

I’m using 0.232.0 n8n version. n8n is running in Docker container.

Is it possible to use Redis node to connect to Redis cluster?

Hi @velislava_kostadinov - welcome to the community :tada:

Out of curiosity, is your Redis cluster set up to where only the primary responds? You can find a little bit more information about how to set it hybrid mode for both read and write operations here.

Hi, @EmeraldHerald our Redis cluster is configured properly, because we are using the same cluster for example with python library which return correct information based on the provided pattern. On the host url we are providing only the name of the primary Redis cluster node and the library in python cares about rotation between different Redis cluster nodes to extract the correct information.
Because of the above I’m wondering is n8n Redis node implementation taking care of rotation between Redis cluster nodes to extract the data?

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Hey @velislava_kostadinov,

The client we use will connect to the primary node for all operations at the moment, We could look at changing how the node works in the future to support this properly.

For now I have changed this to a feature request so we can quickly see how popular this would be, I don’t think it would take a lot of work to add support for so it would just be a case of prioritising it.


Thanks for the clarification @Jon
I’m waiting for this feature.

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