How to use $resumeWebhookUrl variable in wait node

I do not understand how to use $resumeWebhookUrl variable in wait node when use option “On webhook call”

Could you have any sample workflow for this?

Hey @cmdntd987 ! We’re working on updating the documentation to include some sample workflows, so keep an eye out for that. There’s also a Live Stream this Friday that will cover the Wait node: How to use the Wait node in n8n

Hey @cmdntd987,

This option creates a dynamic Webhook URL which you can refer using the $resumeWebhookURL variable. When sending a request to your system, you should send this URL as well. You can refer this value before the Wait node!

Your system should make a request to this URL, to resume the workflow execution. As Gabriel mentioned, we will soon add an example.

Could you make a sample workflow and send here?
I want to know more exactly the flow of this variable to next or previos nodes.

@gabriel could you provide some more context?