How to view saved credentials?

It seems, in the latest versions (v0.208.0 onwards), the Credentials have been modified to not show the saved secrets/passwords anymore.

Is there still a way within the UI (or otherwise), to view them?
Also, an option to disable ‘hide password’ option altogether?

Exactly, we removed it because a lot of community members asked about it.

Here the feature request and the PR.

Sadly is that not configurable. If that is something that you require, please open a feature request for it.

That’s unfortunate.

Also, in ‘single user instance’ use-cases, like mine, there isn’t much utility to have credentials permanently hidden from the only admin user.

Will do that.

In the meanwhile, it would be nice to have a way to somehow view the decrypted credentials, because, in my case, i don’t have quite a few of them saved anywhere else.

Will rolling back to v0.207.0 help achieve that? Or, is it still possible to export decrypted credentials via the CLI command?

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Yes, both are possible. With all versions also the latest one, you can still export the credentials via the CLI, and if you downgrade to version 0.207.0, you can view them via the UI.

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