How to work with a list of items to insert into Database

Hello guys again…

My english is not that good, so i will try to go direct to the subject…

Im getting a list of items from a Post Request

Then i trying to insert into a MSSQL database each item of the list

But the node only inserting the first item… how i can do a “loop” in the list? …

Since then,
Thanks you guys…

You will need to use a SplitInBatches node with batch size of 1 before the MSSQL node. This is an older node that doesn’t conform to the standard way of n8n processing each incoming item.

See Microsoft SQL and multiple items for more detail

TBH this should be noted in the specific node documentation rather than in a generic looping page: Looping - n8n Documentation
Even I sometimes forget and have to go digging for the generic page to make sure

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Thank you! That worked.

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