How would you go about, merging all Images in Folder to a single PDF?

As the title says, I’m looking for ideas (nodes) on how one would solve the task above.

Steps would look like this:

  1. Trigger with folder ID (oneDrive),
  2. Merge jpegs to PDF (with predefined quality),
  3. Save PDF to Folder
  4. Send mail with attachment.

(only need help with the PDF part)

Hey @atwork1,

I would look for a PDF API like I Love PDF or PDFKit and implement that but it all depeneds on ability. It might also be possible to add the images to a Google Doc and download the doc as a PDF.

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I’m selfhosting an instance of Stirling PDF which offers an API.

But I’m stuck now at this point, where I would need to include all Images in the API call.

Is there a way to submit all images with one call?


example API call:

looks like the same questing has been asked before ^^

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Hey @atwork1,

That makes it a bit more complicated, The first thing to do would be to merge the items so you have one item that contains multiple binary items then maybe have a switch node that goes out to a multiple http request nodes that are configured to handle different amount of binary items.

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