HTML Extract keep empty or missing

When i am doing my scraping and extracting HTML, sometimes there is a “missing” or non existent bit of CSS

What I need for consistency is for that to continue and add NULL or N/A or something, otherwise all the results get out of order. Whats the best way to do this?

I’ve manually copied and pasted to work out where the issue is

but need to find a way to automate keeping the blanks if they are not found when scraping HTML

any ideas?

Hey @RedPacketSec, so you mean each of your arrays returns a different number results (meaning the 10th item in your victim_name field might not correspond to the 10th item in your victim_website field)?

If so, you might want to check if you can first extract each individual dataset, for example by selecting all So you have one array element for each dataset.

Then split up that array into individual items (using the Item Lists node) and only then extract the individual fields. These individual fields would then no longer be arrays with differing lengths, they’d just have a value or not.

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interesting… i’ll have a play doing it that way.

yes this worked very well and now something I will adopt across some of my other flows! so simple when you think about it, and annoying I didn’t think about it lol. cheers

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Awesome, glad to hear this works for you. Many thanks for confirming!