HTML to JSON Convert

Is there a way to convert HTML output that is a string from the HTTP request node, into JSON?

Like this website does?

The closest thing n8n offers would be the HTML Extract node. It’s not a designated table parser but can be adapted as such. The documentation has a nice example case.

yeah im using that, but its not grabbing what I need from the HTML data, I need to find a way to do what the website does, but in n8n

Do you have some sample HTML or a page to play with?

Well, you would need to apply some data transformation afterwards, but it should be possible for most cases. For example, I am regularly fetching data from this website and parse it in n8n:

How does your HTML table look like? Can you share a link?

I’m grabbing a tor ransomware victim page, and trying to extract the .card .title titles and stuff

let me know when you have the HTML so I can remove it from the post after.

Got it :+1: