HTML to PDF Node

Why does HTML to PDFNode create a blank page at the end?

When I access the HTML file directly and check the print preview, no blank pages are generated, but when I check the HTML to PDF Node preview, one blank page is always added to the last page.

Hey @nocode_papa,

Welcome to the community :tada:

Can you share the workflow you are using? I am also not sure what the HTML to PDF node is, Is it a couple of nodes?

It is a separate service using n8n so we can’t share the node, but the node we are using is the one in the attached image.

Hey @nocode_papa,

In that case I don’t think there is a lot we can do as we only support the nodes we ship, If you are having an issue with the HTML to PDF node you will need to chat to the creator of it.

It sounds like a very handy node though.

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