HTTP node empy output when body response contains new lines

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Hey! I’m trying to create a new document using Crove API and in the second node, update the first node with some data, but for some reason the output is empty when I have line breaks in the body.

I’ve tried to implement the solution from here: HTTP node error when body response contains new lines - #9 by Darius_Dumitru , but
the problem is that without the “{{ }}” in the second node, it says Invalid JSON. But when I add those “{{ }}”, the JSON output for “response” is just empty.
If I remove the “{{ }}” and have the body expression without new lines, everything is working fine.
Here are 2 screenshots regarding this. Can someone please help me?

What is the error message (if any)?

No error, but just doesn’t work.

Please share the workflow

Hi @Darius_Dumitru, can you confirm the JSON data you are passing on to your HTTP Request 4 node? I suspect the problem is similar to what I’ve described here, but it would be good to have some actual data to reproduce this in your case.


Now it’s working!! It works even with line breaks into expression. That’s really great!! Thanks a lot!!

Here’s the expression that worked:
“{{ JSON.stringify({“response”: {“1666601887886”: “nr contract”,“1666601611336”: “tip website”,“1669139697371”: “- Test1
-Test5”,“1666602179025”: “pret mentenanta”, “1666592291921”: “pret”,“1666605764308”: “avans”}})}}”

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