HTTP Node, Response too Large


I am trying to send a requests to this URL,

However, it returns > 6MB of data which causes a 503 error. I am on n8n cloud.
Do you know any solutions around the problem ?
this is the workflow I am trying to run at the moment

Thank you

Hi @Ak92, I am very sorry to hear you’re having trouble here.

Seeing this isn’t binary data I don’t think there is an easy way to reduce the amount of data kept in memory here I am afraid. However, from looking at the page I think you could try calling the API used by this page directly (instead of loading the full page and then parsing it), for example like so:

As an added bonus, this saves from the cumbersome parsing work. I just tested this workflow on my own instance and it seems to work fine:

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Thank you that seems a much better option. How did you find the api used ?

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I opened the console in my browser and simply checked the network tab as to what happens when playing around with the page. I then simply copied the URL of the XHR request made when changing the sorting order:

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Thank you! I was not playing around with the filters