Http Request - Add input to output

I’m trying to add some of the input used in the https request to the output as well. So if input parameter is and the output is 2 results Name=ExampleCo Inc. and Name=ExampleCo Holdings Inc., then I would also like to have the included in the output somehow.

Hi @stefj, welcome to the community.

This isn’t a feature in n8n available right now, though I have proposed something along theses lines as well in the past.

However, you can usually work around this quite easily. I assume your value in the domain field isn’t hard-coded but coming from some previous node? If so, the easiest to read approach I can think of would be the use of the Set node to retrieve previous values. For example:

This uses an expression of {{ $('Mock data') }} to read the id field in my example from the previous Mock data node in my workflow and adds them to the items coming from the HTTP Request node. The available methods and variables are documented here.

Hope this helps!

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