HTTP Request fails against non-standard ports


I bumped into a problem where http-requests fail if it’s done against a non-standard port (in this case i use port 8139). Creating a reverse proxy that forwards the traffic from port 80/443 (with/and without ssl) → to port 8139 works as expected…

I wonder if there is a setting somewhere that limits access to “wrong” ports?

Hey @rene!

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You can check the configurations here: Configuration | Docs

I would also suggest taking a look at the reverse proxy you’ve set up as well. Let us know if you’re still facing issues :slight_smile:

Hi @harshil1712,

I could not find anything about port-settings for requests done out from n8n, so then it has to be a bug in the “http-requests”-node that can’t handle non-standard ports.

The reverse proxy in front of the server with port 8139 is fine, because the proxy solves the issue…

edit: I’ll file a bugreport, because i could not figure this out…

I wonder if some parameter has to be set aside from adding the port in the URL. The library that we use under the hook is request - npm. So if that library supports it, n8n should be able to do it.

What is the error you are seeing?

I solved this by setting up a forwarding proxy. This way it works. The issue stays when eg. ssl-requests requests are done to non-standard ports… Same goes for the n8n-cloud that we tested, but had to ditch due to this problem :frowning: