Http request fails via TOR proxy when fetching an https resource

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Fetching an https resource via a TOR proxy fails.

What is the error message (if any)?

In fact after a lot of time waiting for the response the execution is green, not red, but the final data is not there.

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Information on your n8n setup

  • 1.14.2
  • Running n8n via docker

More info:

So here’s the setup and info:

  • In a docker engine I run a network tor and 2 containers: tor and n8n.
  • The tor is the dperson/torproxy with no special fancies:

Run with:

docker run \
    -d \
    --restart always \
    --network tor \
    --name tor \
    -p 15000:9050 \
    -p 15001:8118 \

The n8n container MAY access the tor proxy, AND MAY do the request, AND it works.

To test the raw container, I entered in the n8n container as root and did this:

host$ docker exec -it -u root n8n sh
n8n# apk update
n8n# apk search curl
n8n# apk add curl

Then I exitted and re-entered without privileges and performed the curl:

host$ docker exec -it n8n sh
n8n$ curl --proxy http://tor:8118
[I see exit node's IP]
n8n$ curl --proxy http://tor:8118
[I see HTML result here]
n8n$ curl --proxy http://tor:8118
[I see HTML result here]

All 3 URLs via https, and via the TOR proxy work perfectly, so there’s no problem at the docker or operating system level. Therefore it must be a problem with the n8n thing and its underlying (unmature?) libraries.

Then inside the n8n interface I test 12 scenarios

{ 3 URL } x { resurce via http or https } x { direct, proxied }

The 3 URLs without proto are:

Then I get:

  • http, direct (no proxy) => all 3 work
  • https, direct (no proxy) => all 3 work
  • http, via TOR proxy => depends on the resource (*)
  • https, via TOR proxy => all 3 fail :point_left::point_left::point_left:

good =>
good =>
fail =>


I need to get some HTTPS resources via TOR.

How can I automate this within n8n?

Hi @xmontero :wave: I had a look into this using the exact same image for Tor, and it looks like this is indeed an issue. When I tested using Insomnia to make the HTTP requests outside of n8n, they all completed just fine and within a few seconds.

I’ve created a ticket for our engineering team to look into this - I’ll be back once I have any updates! Unfortunately for the moment I wouldn’t know of a workaround to this within n8n though :see_no_evil:

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