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When making the http request to get contacts of a list i’d like to get the last added contacts from this list. From the API documentation: Lists API it’s possible to do via query parameters of after or before the record ID. But can’t seem to make it work

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No error message. Just nothing changes in the result

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Hin @Thibaud_Dubrule
I’ve already had the same issue, I’ve managed using this flow, let me know if it works for you!

Just change the resource to point, but the logic should be the same, let me know if you have any questions

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Hi Gabriele,

Thanks for the help.

I’m not sure if I understand the solution. You’ve added this $json[‘nextLink’] in the http request to check different pages in Hubspot and give you contacts with recordId after 1032562. Is that correct?

I’m trying to get contacts with recordId that is after #recordId in a specific list

Hi @Thibaud_Dubrule sorry for not explain well
I’ve update the workflow code above, removing not necessary value.
So basically the HTTP request is made by an expression with an OR operator
$json[‘nextLink’] OR URL that you want point

The first time this node will run, It will take the second value, cause the first one is not present yet, after that, the response will contain the “nextLink” so it will use that URL, and so on, until the contacts will be ended.
Let me know if it’s more clear now

Thanks @Gabriele_Bracciali

I think I understand now. Solid job!

Just wondering how to implement it in my workflow now. I’ll think of it and might come back to you if I have more question.

Thanks again and have a great day

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