HTTP Request Node : List syntax in query string parameters

Hi there

I am trying to make a custom http call to Airtable API, to list some records and limit the fields returned by API.

Airtable API expects this syntax:

So if I want to limit the results to fieldid1' and fieldid2` the query must be like this :

GET https://endpoint?fields=fieldid1&fields=fieldid2


GET https://endpoint?fields%5B%5D=fieldid1&fields%5B%5D=fieldid2

So the fields query string parameter must be repeated as many times as values in the list

I tried making the http call with the JS array and tried a buch of other things, but at the end I couldn’t make the http call with n8n.

digi-studio 2023-09-29 at 16.10.52

Am I missing something ?

Well I solved my issue :slight_smile:

digi-studio 2023-09-29 at 16.14.47


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