HTTP request pagination - How to create this workflow?

Hello, I had one api that returns an array as response with max length of 50. How could I create a workflow to iterate multiple times until the response is an empty array. Thanks for help.

You can do that with the Split batches node. In the post below, I did it for Hubspot.

Hello @RicardoE105 I’m using your solution and it works. My use api is that I need to retrieve all users for one endpoint that I used your solution, after that I get all registry in the end of function node from your solution, after this node I attached a http request node to fetch information about a users but I have an limitation of 60 requests per minute, I’m using the option in http request Batch interval with 1000 ms but it seems is not working. How could I handle this limitation of time or this option is for other thing.

Did you also defined the batch size? but you need to defined both.