HTTP Request POST Error: Argument error, options.body

I received error when use HTTP Request method POST

ERROR: RequestError: Error: Argument error, options.body.

Error: RequestError: Error: Argument error, options.body.
    at Object.execute (C:\Users\rodrigo\AppData\Roaming\npm\node_modules\n8n\node_modules\n8n-nodes-base\dist\nodes\HttpRequest.node.js:762:27)
    at async C:\Users\rodrigo\AppData\Roaming\npm\node_modules\n8n\node_modules\n8n-core\dist\src\WorkflowExecute.js:369:47

That combination of parameters should not be allowed to be selected.

If you select “RAW/Custom” you should also set “JSON/RAW Parameters” to true.

I changed to true but found another problem

I need send
Cookie: JSESSIONID=tJtVO8DzEEpBYCIlkMZydj197nKN_Z83f7-jcWYq

If I add expression
{{JSON.parse(’{“Cookie”: “JSESSIONID=tJtVO8DzEEpBYCIlkMZydj197nKN_Z83f7-jcWYq”}’)}}
It’s ok, but I need received cookie another set.

Do you send example a cookie with expression and another how string?

Thanks @jan I appreciate your help.