HTTP Request: Set Connection-Header to "keep-alive"?

Is there a way to set the header “Connection” to “keep-alive” in the HTTP Request Node?

If I set the header explicitly with
“Connection”: “keep-alive”
it will be overwritten to “close” by the node.

The problem is that the http endpoint (it’s a Drupal CMS) will reject other connections than “keep-alive” which results in the error ESOCKETTIMEDOUT.

How can I solve this?

Not completely sure, but it seems like to really keep the connection open the request library has to be configured properly. Meaning we need to add a couple of parameters (check the link below) to the node.

Sounds good! Will you add it to the node?

You can make a feature request so that people can upvote this feature. The more votes, the more chances of being developed.

OK thanks! I changed it to feature request.