HTTP Request - Timeout issue with an API but works fine on Postman

This same request works fine when I trigger it from Postman, but fails on n8n HTTP node.
I am on the latest stable version 0.167.0 hosted on n8n cloud.

Here’s the request curl from postman (this runs successfully, within 1500ms) -

curl --location --request GET ‘
–header ‘Authorization: Bearer --my token–’

Here’s the exact error I get on n8n -

"status": "rejected",
"reason": {
	"message": "connect ETIMEDOUT",
	"name": "Error",
	"stack": "Error: connect ETIMEDOUT at TCPConnectWrap.afterConnect [as oncomplete] (node:net:1157:16)",
	"code": "ETIMEDOUT"

Any possible solutions welcome. This is affecting our production workload.

Welcome to the community @bonish!

That is very strange. When I run your node locally, on a self-hosted instance or our staging environment it works totally fine. Only when I try it on my production instance does it time out. So the n8n code is not at fault. The only thing I can think of right now, is that they may have blocked the IP addresses for some unknown reason.

Meaning I can currently only think of two possible solutions:

  • contacting their support team to get it unblocked
  • using a proxy server

Thanks, Jan. Let me speak to the folks at Hostaway and ask them to unblock/whitelist the n8n cloud public IPs.


:+1: For reference, they are all listed in our docs here.

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