HTTP request to download file

How do I use HTTP request Node to download file as a binary?

Hey @liushengyi!

Did you try setting the Response Format to ‘File’ in the HTTP Request node? This should fetch the API from the URL and give the binary file.

i tried to setting the Response Format to ‘File’,but i got a file.aspx。

I should get a DOC file

I accessed the URL through the browser, the response is a Doc file

If the URL returns a file the HTTP Request node will also return a file. But if the URL renders the doc in a web application, then the HTTP Request node will get the file of the app and not the doc.

For example, I want to fetch an image from a web page. If I query the URL of the webpage to get the image , the HTTP Request node won’t return the image file. I will have to pass on the URL of the image to get the image file.

To get a file, you will have to make a request to the exact URL of the doc file.

I hope this helps.