Http request to specific form id


I want to make an http request via post from a form that is on a page.

The problem is that there are two forms on the page

<form id="form1" method="POST">
<input id="frmName">

And also

<form id="form2" method="POST">
<input id="frmName">

How do I configure the HTTP REQUEST node so that it makes a request to form2?

I need to set the id of the form (which is the second) and the frmName field.

Hi @igordisco, I don’t think browsers would send the id of your form using your example HTML, so n8n can’t emulate such behaviour either.

Is there a chance your actual form fields also include name attributes (like <input id="frmName" name="frmName">)?

Fields with this attribute would be submitted by the browser, so you can also set them in n8n like so:


This is how a request made in the browser would look like to the receiving server:

This is how it would look like coming from n8n:


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