HTTP Status Code

Here is a brief overview of all the HTTP response/status codes you may receive and what they mean. This is a useful resource when troubleshooting working with APIs.

Informational (100’s)

Number Message Overview
100 Continue Server got the headers so go ahead and send the body
101 Switching Protocols The requester wants the server to change to a different protocol
103 Checkpoint The reusable request protocol uses this to resume PUT or POST requests that have been aborted

Successful (200’s)

Number Message Overview
200 OK The request was received OK (duh!) and all is good
201 Created The request received that it was looking for and a new resource was created
202 Accepted The request was received successfully but it is still waiting to process it
203 Non-Authoritative Information Request processing is done but the infromation that is being returned may be from somewhere else
204 No Content The request has been processed but there is nothing to send back
205 Reset Content Not only has the request been processed and there is no data to send, it also wants you to reset how the data is displayed
206 Partial Content You are only getting part of the information because a range header requested that the amount of data ba limited

Redirection (300’s)

Number Message Overview
300 Multiple Choices There has been a link request and there are more than one (up to five) for the user to choose from
301 Moved Permanently The website that you asked for has moved to a different location and is not coming back so you may want to update your bookmarks
302 Found The page your are looking for has moved for a bit but it plans on being back
303 See Other The page your are looking for can actually be found somewhere else
304 Not Modified Nothing new to see here…the information requested is the same as it was last time
306 Switch Proxy This code is no longer user. If you are seeing this, someone really needs to perform some updates
307 Temporary Redirect The page has moved somewhere else for a bit but it should be back soon
308 Resume Incomplete The system attempted to resume a PUT or POST request but no luck

Client Error (400’s)

Number Message Overview
400 Bad Request Someone fat fingured something because the server couldn’t figure out what you wre asking for
401 Unauthorized The request was good but the server is refusing to give up the information. Dollars to donuts, it’s looking for authentication info
402 Payment Required This one isn’t used yet so if you see this, you have connected through a wormhole and are talking with a server in the future
403 Forbidden The request was fine but the server has been told not to give you any information
404 Not Found What you are looking for isn’t here. It might come back…it might not
405 Method Not Allowed You asked for information in a way that the server does not understand
406 Not Acceptable The information that the server is passing back to the client is not understood by the client
407 Proxy Authentication Required The proxy is stopping the client because the client did not authenticate with it
408 Request Timeout Pick up the pace! The request took too long so the server gave up
409 Conflict The request was aborted because it was asking for conflicting information
410 Gone The page is gone. That’s all
411 Length Required You did not tell the server how much information you require and it needs that information
412 Precondition Failed The request requires certain contitions to be met by the server before it can continue and the server did not meet those conditions so buh-bye!
413 Request Entity Too Large The request is too big for the server to handle so it’s rejecting the entire request
414 Request-URI Too Long The server has decided the request URL is too long. This often happens when converting a POST request to a GET request with a lot of query info
415 Unsupported Media Type The client asked for a media type that the server does not support
416 Requested Range Not Satisfiable The client is looking for a part of a file but the server doesn’t have it
417 Expectation Failed The Expect header field has made specific requirements that the server cannot meet

Server Error (500’s)

Number Message Overview
500 Internal Server Error Something is wrong on the server. What specifically? Nobody knows
501 Not Implemented The server either doesn’t know what you are asking for or can’t provide the information
502 Bad Gateway The server was a proxy server and got some bad intel from the other server it was talking to
503 Service Unavailable The server’s taking a break becasue it is either overloaded or shut down all together
504 Gateway Timeout The server’s a proxy again and the other server it is talking too is taking too long to get back to it
505 HTTP Version Not Supported The version of HTTP that you are using is not supported by the server
511 Network Authentication Required You need authenticated crtedentials to get past this point
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