Https:// adding JSON to Woocommerce

I have this workflow but i can’t get this right… Can anyone please help me fix this?

The JSON data seems to be in one object(?) How can i transfer this data to Woocommerce after mapping some fields?

I need to change some labels first before importing because the JSON uses some other tags then woocommerce uses…

Hi @robert_kruizinga, to be honest with you I think this dataset might be a bit too large to process in a single workflow on n8n cloud’s “Starter” plan. You’re likely to hit the kind of error described here down the road: Memory-related errors | n8n Docs.

So in a first step you might want to check with your provider whether they support pagination (so you can process your data in smaller chunks).

That said, I think the actual problem here is that your API doesn’t seem to set the content-type to JSON. So you would need to tell n8n you’re expecting JSON data here. Once you set the below option you should get individual items with proper fields rather than a single very long string:

You can simply connect your HTTP Request node to your WooCommerce node and drag and drop the field values onto the corresponding WooCommerce fields as needed.

Hope this helps!

PS: I’ve also redacted your API key that was part of your workflow. It was however publicly visible on this forum for a bit, so you might want to rotate it to be safe.

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Thanks a lot for the answer… there is no way to chunk the json from within n8n?

Hi @robert_kruizinga, no n8n wouldn’t be able to interrupt the data sent by this server halfway through. So pagination would need to be supported from the server side. It’s quite common though, so I am sure the support team behind this API can provide you with a suitable example request.

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